Honeyguide Academy

About Honeyguide Academy

HoneyGuide Academy is the exclusive onsite training facility of Brandwacht Game Reserve, responsible for training the reserve’s own guides. With a comprehensive one-year program, the academy equips guides with essential skills, knowledge, and a deep connection to the reserve. From wildlife behavior to conservation practices and guest engagement, guides receive comprehensive instruction within the reserve’s unique ecosystem. This exclusive training arrangement ensures that visitors to Brandwacht Game Reserve are guided by knowledgeable professionals who possess a profound understanding of the reserve’s terrain, wildlife, and conservation efforts.

Throughout The Program, Students Receive In-Depth Training That Covers All Aspects Of Guiding. From An In-Depth Understanding Of Nature To The Development Of A Genuine Passion For Wildlife, HoneyGuide Academy Ensures That Graduates Possess The Qualities That Set Them Apart As Knowledgeable And Passionate Guides.

The Year Program Cumuminates In FGASA Practical Assessment Ensuring That Its Graduates Meet Industry Benchmarks And Are Prepared For Successful Careers As Professional Guides. The Assessment Evaluates Their Practical Skills, Theoretical Knowledge, And Their Ability To Provide Outstanding Guest Experiences. Successfully Passing This Assessment Further Enhances The Graduates’ Credibility And Opens Doors To A Wide Range Of Career Opportunities.

Honeyguide Courses

learn to read Nature

‘Reading about nature is fine, but if a person walks in the woods and listens carefully, he can learn more than what is in books, for they speak with the voice of God.’ George Washington Carver

Develop your Knack

From Tracks and Signs, to birds and their vocalizations, to The Identification of trees and flowers, animal behavior and its interpretation, come and hone your skills.

From small to large

At honey Guide Academy nothing is too small to have our attention, we help participants delve deeply into the roots of the natural world and its intricate ecology.

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